Chanterelle recipe

Grandma’s chantarelle cream stew

Autumn is here and we are approaching colder and darker times.
To keep you going through the winter months you need your vitamins.
Chanterells have a high amount of vitamin D which is a crutial vitamin to have during winter.

We usually get most of your vitamin D through sunlight. When the sun kisses your skin the skin produces vitamin D.

Vitamin D prvents depression and can also keep you from getting sick with winter cold and flu.

You could get a supplement with vitamin D but why not get it naturally in the most delicious way possible?

Here it is. My grandmothers recipe for creamy cream chanterelle stew:


Chanterells, preferably picked in the wild (as many as you can find)
1 big onion chopped
1 package of sliced bacon (optional), chopped to small pieces
3 dl heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste

Chop the onion and stir fry them on low heat until translucent.
Add the pre-cleaned chanterells and stir fry until most water is out.
Add bacon (leave out if you want the vegetarian option) and stir fry until almost crispy
Pour in the cream
Add salt and peppar.
The stew should be firm. If you cant get the right consistency, add a tiny bit of flour of your choice.

When you are happy with the results. Add on toast or a loaf of bread and enjoy.
My grandmother usually put some stew on white bread and into the oven until the stew has a golden brown color. But I think it is just as good straight out of the pan.

Hope you like it!


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