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Toronto St Lawrence Market

Toronto St Lawrence Market I found a gem in Downtown Toronto. A food lovers place and a must to visit if you are in Toronto. Don’t miss the steak sandwich! Check out my YouTube Channel

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Toronto DownTown Tim Hortons Breakfast

Toronto DownTown Tim Hortons Breakfast I am trying the real Canadian breakfast in Downtown, Toronto. Check out my YouTube Channel

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Rooster Head VS HotDog in Boracay

Rooster head VS HotDog in Boracay I am on the beach in Boracay Philippines  trying some street food. Check out my YouTube Channel

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Easy Blackberry salad

Easy Blackberry salad Do you have some days where you just want to put together something that’s easy but you don’t really feel like fast food or can food. I like to put together...

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Krabi market, Thailand

Krabi weekend market, Thailand Looking back on this past year I sometimes find myself missing Asia. Sure, it is not as westernized and as organized as Canada but I like that. I especially miss...

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Street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Street food in Siem Reap, Cambodia I love street food. Not because it is on the street but because it is usually a lot cheaper than in the restaurants and the people are so...

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Masala tea – Chai tea

Masala tea – Chai tea After travelling in south east Asia I went from being a tea lover to being a supreme coffee lover. Vietnam and Cambodia in particular has some of the worlds...