Cambodia, Sihanoukville and the Cardamom mountains

Sihanoukville, the Cambodian resort

Although my time in Cambodia has been short I am really loving it here. Taking us from the Vietnamese border and into Cambodia proved to be relatively hazzle free. But not so cheap for Asia.

Spending some time at the west coast took us to the crab and seafood district in Cambodia. It felt like being on one of the Mediterranean country’s with the promenads and crab dinners. The restaurants lined up their tables on the outside with candle lights and tablecloths where the hungry tourists could have a full seafood dinner.

Apparently baby squid scewers are one of the most popular street foods in southern Cambodia. Especially in Sihanoukville. No marinating, no seasoning, nothing. Just fresh ones on as stick to go. I saw one that offered grinded chilli though.

The journey then went to Chi Pat and the Cardamom mountains. Pretty good name for a food lover destination, don’t you think?

The village is small and only a few places to eat. But they cook with love and they really want to welcome us. So I don’t mind at all. Fried vegetables and fried egg or noodles with vegetables will be my main diet for the next couples of days.

So here we are, in Chi Pat. Right in the middle of the jungle and the Cardamom mountains ahead of us.  This is going to be exiting! 

Cambodia, fried noodles, food, sihanoukville

seafood, squid, beach, cambodia

fried noodles, Cambodia, beach, sihanoukville

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