Broccoli nutrition facts and health benefits

broccoli, nutrition, health

Broccoli nutrition facts and health benefits

When I was a child I always heard the well known phrase “Think of the children in Africa” or “no dessert if you don’t eat your greens”.
Here, at home, we say that vegetables, especially Broccoli, is “smart kids food“.
It is no news that Broccoli classifies as a healthy vegetable and is often considered as a must if you are on a diet.
But what is Broccoli really? and what is it good for?

Broccoli is  member of the cabbage family and closely related to Cauliflower. Broccoli has a huge anti-inflammatory agents as well as high doses of antioxidants.
It can also help your body with detoxification if you’re on a diet or need to cleanse your body.

Amongst our most common vegetables, broccoli stands out as the most concentrated source of Vitamin C.The Vitamin C supports the Oxygen metabolism in your blood and encourages your body to recycle it.

Broccoli and digestive support

You don’t have to eat much broccoli to get a good dose of your dietary fibre. 1 gram of dietary fibre for every 10 Calories. Fiber helps your body maintain a good bowel system and a healthy metabolism. Broccoli also helps prevent your stomach from any germs that might build up in your stomach.

Glucoraphanin, that turns into Sulforaphane in your body is a crucial ingredient in skin support. And especially damaged skin or sun damaged skin. The body is self sufficient to some level in Sulforaphane, but Broccoli adds to it making Broccoli a high achiever as a detox vegetable.

Broccoli does not contain Vitamin D but do contain a lot of Vitamin K and Vitamin A. These to vitamins which balance your Vitamin D levels.

It is also a well researched vegetable in Cancer research. It is stated that if you eat half a cup of broccoli each day you heavily lower the risk of different types of cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

The best way to get as much nutrients fro Broccoli is to steam it. The lower temperature the better. That way most nutrients are locked inside the vegetable.

I will definitely start eating my vegetables. After all, they are smart kids food

broccoli, nutrition, health

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