Bangkok and Khoasan Road, Thailand

Visa run makes good food

Having a few days of from the djungle was nice. The visa run from Cambodia to Thailand and back went really smooth on the way to Bangkok. Less smooth on the way back but that is a whole other story.

As soon as I entered Thailand and we made the first pitstop I realized how much I really miss conveniences of having food close by.  And I’m not talking about instant noodles and a carrot or two if we are lucky like in the djungle. I mean real food from real restaurants in clean, well at least cleaner, places. 7eleven seemed like heaven sent and water chestnuts, which I love, was in reach in every corner.

I like Thailand. Before me and my partner went on our three year journey I wasn’t that into the country. But traveling through Asia I think I quite like it. Mainly because the Thai food I think. Thailand has good food easy accessible. And that is very important to me. Not that I need to snack or have cheatmeals. But I do not like to go hungry. And I get stomach sick if I eat unfamiliar food too soon in a new country. So it is easy to get by in Thailand.

Comparing Thailand to the Cambodian way of cooking or “Khmer food ” in Cambodia made me realize why I get sick so much in Cambodia. In Thailand I have not yet seen where the ingredients come from or how they prepare it. In Cambodia it is more open and I have seen where the meat and the vegetables come from and how they are handled. I will tell you all about that in my next post. It is not a pretty sight but I really have to get it of my chest. See you next time.

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