Ayurvedic medicine and healing power

Ayurvedic medicine and healing power

I have always been more and more catious of what products I use and the ingredients in them. Also if the products I buy are animal tested or not. Animal tested products are everywhere and can be hard to avoid. I’m not going to enter a discussion about animal cruelty this time because that is a never ending topic for me.
But I have become more and more interested in natural products and the power of natural medicine.

During my travels in Sri Lanka I visited a herbal garden where the Herbalist and guide showed us the different plants and the healing properties of the plants and herbs. We also tried some of the products made from the garden.
And I was really impressed. The visit to the herbal garden really boosted my interest for natural medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. The proucts I tried gave me better results than most commercial products. And the ingredients are 100 percent natural and cannot harm you in any way.
We tried a hair removal cream and a saffron cream an both really did the job better than any commercial product I have tried.
And no preservatives or artificial colourings or flavours added.

So when I buy any products now I am more aware of what is in them and where they are from. But also what each ingredient is good for your body and the skin.
One day in the future I would like to study to be an Herbalist so that I can make my own creams and use healing ingredients in my food.

One day.

This is a topic I really like so you will find more about healing products and herbal medicine her on Angerfood in the future. Follow me on Facebook!

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