An apple a day….

An apple a day…. keeps the doctor away

Apples can be found almost anywhere. Even in the most remote places I have been to had apples as basic source of food.

You know you are far out on this earth If you can’t find any apples.
When I was in the middle of the jungle in Cambodia the food had to be transported from the nearest city, approximately 4-5 hours by car if lucky, and from the main road by dirt road half an hour by motorbike. And then across a small river. Most locals eat fresh fish from the river or what else they could find. Farming of any type was not their strong side in these parts.

You could find some carrots, some frozen meat (who knows how long it has been there though), onion, bananas and some other basic grains. And apples.

It is said that apples are the most vital fruit to eat to stay healthy.

Did you know that ….

  • drinking apple juice or any other non-concentrate apple product does not give you the sense of fullness or the same amount of health benefits as eating one full apple.
  • Eating an medium-sized apple about 15 minutes prior to a meal can decrease the amount of calorie intake with 15 percent.
  • an apple provides us with approximately 8 milligrams of vitamin C
  • can prevent clogging of arteries and veins
  • Polyphenols in apples lower the glucose absorption  which makes the sugar in our bloodstream less heavy for our bodies.
  • apples are one of the few fruits that are suggested to prevent lung cancer.
  • apples are not an excellent source of dietary fiber but a good source if you need it.
  • slicing an apple and sprinkle it with some raw sugar and cinnamon makes a perfect snack if you are after something for that sweet tooth.

So I guess an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Good thing they are in abundance.


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