About me

Welcome to Angerfood.

I am Charlie. A foodie and a traveler who loves food and and everything around it.  My blog is about my food, experiences and life expectations as I am currently traveling the world non stop.

More about me.

Charlie, angerfood, about me, traveler, food, adventure I am a Swedish girl, who has a restless mind. Always searching for something new. I am usually never content and want to do more and see more.

I am short. A staggering 159 cm which has helped me pass as a youth sometimes but also makes my mind stay young. I do not “feel as old” as my age as it’s called.

My partner wants us to live our life’s more like the hippie style while traveling which I sometimes find really hard. I love having clean clothes and hot showers and I do have a hard time staying at the absolutely cheapest rooms with complimentary birds nests and spiders. With that said, I do like to travel and make the money last a long way and I love to blend with locals and eat cheap street food. It is all about personalizing and adapting your life to suit what you want out of life and get out of that comfort zone sometimes.

I’m going to be out there traveling for a long while so follow me on my adventures around the globe as I encounter new cultures and challenge my tastebuds. I love to get comments, tips and inspiration so feel free to send me a comment. See you there!

Love and adventures,