A fashionista in the kitchen – Kitchen trends 2015


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A fashionista in the kitchen – Kitchen trends 2015

I have to admit it. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my kitchen. Although I am traveling now and am not in posession of a fancy kitchen, I do like to have my things around me when I work in the kitchen.
Before, when I lived in Norway, I used to work with my beloved marble cutting board and my knifes and my lovely black clay serving bowls. They were gorgeous. But now they’re in storage waiting to be reborn again.
But no one sais that I can’t look. So here I am. Looking.
The market for kitchen utensils and kitchenware has really grown big during this last decade and there is a hidden competition going on of which brand can come up with the most trendy or querky gadget, or tool, you think you might need. And the Kitchen trends for 2015 is no different.
People like me, hobby chefs as I call us, we like this.
I can sit for hours just looking at styled photos of frying pans. Without food in them. It is such a beautiful craftmanship in the thought through products from say Mauviel, Laguiole Jean Dubost, Skultuna and Tom Dixon. Just to mention a very few.
I would love to have a frying pan from Mauviel. That would make my kitchen (and me) so happy. I know I am a bit odd like that. Not only do they look good but it is quality. Quality, people!
Tthat is what I am aiming for here.

Just take a look at the photos below. Look. take it in. It is like home decor and function all in one.

mauviel, kitchen, pan, artilleriet

Cutting board oil, kitchen, artilleriet

The coffee registry, coffee, registry, artilleriet

bread spoons, measuring cups, artilleriet

Cutting boards, display, artilleriet

Georg Jensen, plate, bowl, artilleriet

 Laguiole Jean Dubost, artilleriet, kitchen, fashionista

Photos are from Artilleriet and Pinterest and Flickr.com



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