A day out in Ho Chi Minh city

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

I’ve been in this city for a couple of days now so today was time to do the city properly. Leaving the more further away attractions like the Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta for later.

Putting on my walking shoes and day pack we headed out into streets filled with motorbikes and fruit sellers all trying to get my attention.

From the hotel we headed towards the Ben Tanh market and made a quick stop to look at the inferno of merchandize and the eldorado of moneyhungry sellers trying to sell anything from lacquered boxes to hammocks.

Some fresh fruit and cashew nuts and I kept on moving. Buying cashew nuts and fruits are recommended at the market since they have a huge variety of nuts and dried fruits.

Strolling along the streets of Ho Chi Minh city is fun as you see something new or something funny just about around every corner. Either some local is doing something funny, a tourist is being ripped of or you might be on the verge of crashing with a motorbikedriber that decoded to drive on the sidewalk. It makes the strolling a bit more interesting.

After about 30 minutes we took a depot stop and enjoyed some hazelnut frapucccino. I predicted I would have one of those today.

The heat was intoxicating and we started to feel really I’ll. So we headed back to the Notre Dam Cathedral and the park where the old French- era post office is.

The days walk ended with a walk in the market and a fresh watermelon juice each. The watermelons in this city is so amazingly sweet. Like nothing I ever tasted.

A great ending of a great day.


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